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I have a 2002 1500 Vulcan Nomad. It has 52000 miles on it. I did a top end rebuild to replace timing chains and rings. It had a bad exhaust valve which was replaced also. After reassembly it started right up by it acts as though the timing is late. I have Vanes and Hines pipes and a 2002 version of the Dyna Jet control. The power isn't bad but it just doesn't quite have it all. It's rumble is different than before the rebuild. Again almost like the ignition timing is late. I've changed the setting on the Dyna Jet numerous times and I have it dialed in pretty good but it still has that late timing feel and sound. Any suggestions as to where to look??
I think your timing between the front and rear cylinders is 2 narrow. If I remember that model has one intake/throttle body and it may not be able to draw all the air it needs through the single hole. I have made the mistake of rotating the engine the wrong way to set up for the second cylinder timing. Similar results happened but that was on a carbureted engine.

Hi Scott! I've got an old '97 Vulcan 800 that isn't running. It will turn on, but as soon as I let the clutch out, it dies. From what I've seen online, it sounds like the kickstand killswitch is having issues and I can't find it anywhere on the bike (that may be the problem). However, the bike also won't upshift anymore whether the clutch is in or not. The shifter seems to be jammed and cannot physically be moved up. That shouldn't be affected by the killswitch right? Any thoughts you have on this problem would be so helpful. Thanks for your time and consideration. Have a great day!
A Tommy Bathe contacted us about a 96 Vulcan. Is this the same bike? Kawasaki has a unique detent that will not allow shifts out of first or neutral with the bike not moving. You root issue is certainly a sidestand switch the other shift issue isn't an issue at all. Thanks for your patience.

Scott, I have a 1996 Vulcan 800. about a month ago my son was riding it, stopped for gas and the bike started fine in neutral and with the clutch in, but immediately when you release the clutch (even before friction point) the engine dies. i had this problem about 5 years ago and took it (back) to Fred Cummings and it was the safety mechanism on the kick stand. i suspect it is the same problem now, but i don't know what else it could be and i don't even know what the mechanism looks like. i spoke to a young man on the phone at your place yesterday and he recommended i bring it in this week. Happy to do that, but was hoping you might have a suggestion before. i am not quite as enthusiastic about Fred Cummings as i was at one time. I bought both of my vulcans (this 800 and another 1500) there.
You can bypass most kickstand switches if need be.If you Close the loop ( wires together or jumped ) at the sidestand switch it should work.

I have an 02 R6, stage 1 jet kit recommendations? Just looking to smooth out the power band, It’s my daily.
Usually , smoothness is found in the needle adjustment and don't over do it on the main jet. I would say that every time we've done those we saw the main jet suggested was a tad bit to rich.

I have a 92 rm125 and was wondering how much it would cost to do service on the front forks and rear shock or if you guys even do those services. Id also take them off the bike and bring them alone without the bike
Sorry for the delay. If you would like, we could take a look and see if they are able to be rebuilt. The cost will vary depending on the parts needed.

I just wanted to let you by far the worse experience I have ever had with a bike shop I don't like to write reviews, but for starters the woman who is the writing things up and anwsering phones is rude the few times I had deal with her not to mention the juke tail section that was put on my bike by the time I rode it home my tail light was just hanging by the wires on the exhaust pipe. The back axel not was not to torque specs thank god I work on my bikes so I have had the pleasure of double checking every thing that should have been done right the first time. And spending the extra money buying a new tail section. So yes I am pissed and even for years had heard good things about your shop and need to get some more work done on my bike wouldn't bring it back to your shop if someone paid me to and couldn't possibly recommend it either. Last thing the thing with to tail fairing I was called and asked that the guy that damage my bike had brought one in and if I would be willing to use and I thought I made it perfectly clear that if it was in as good condition as a new one I was ok with it but this the mounting for the tail lights have been previously broken and glued back together which didn't hold plus missing the mounting hardware somebody stuck a windscreen nut on the one side which does not work to hold it in place well at least it held long enough for me not to notice when I first picked up the bike but failed before I rode to my house so it should not have been ever passed inspection. Very unhappy and frankly pissed off.
Sad to hear. Wish you would have taken the moment to talk to me when you were here but it really seems it is pointless because I wouldn't offer to pay you to bring your bike here. With that said... I'll also say that your whole scenerio was very unique. I was not hear to oversee the work but I'm certain that I trust my mechanic here . Nick was my pit crew during years of racing at Willow Springs Raceway and I am here today because of his attention to detail. Your bike also left with a cotter the axle wasn't likely to go anywhere if it was indeed not to spec.( 95Ft. Lbs ) We often times use 72 Ft. Lbs to limit the side load on the assembly. We take pride in being a great help to almost everyone that shops here. You are the odd man out and I'm ok with the loss of your business that only arrived for the first time upon your misfortune. Maybe you can have better luck elsewhere Scott Tillery.

Hey Scott it’s vincent. You’ve worked on my 1993 cbr900rr before and I wanted to know about the cost for the transmission fixed and a few more issues. I feel there’s something in the fuel system, I’m just not sure what the problem could be.
Hi friend! I think you're looking at a bill of 1200 or so to fix the transmission ( but given the age of your bike parts availability may be an issue). We can address the carb issues too but I may need to get more info or test ride to quote.

1999 Honda shadow 750ace, engine died on me, putting in new battery and when I touch the cable to the terminal the engine starts to turn. Key is not in ignition and starter relay switch is in off position. When bike died it was in first gear and I turn starter relay switch to off and bike keep lurching. Tried to jump and same problem when cables touched battery would turn engine, if I pushed start button engine would start and run until I removed jumper cable.
Such a gnarly event to happen. It seems the starter solenoid is stuck. I would assume replacing it is the best option but sometimes you can tap on them until it freeze the connection. Sometimes they weld themselves together.

09 ninja 250r had valve job done carbs cleaned bike won't go past 55mph
Wow, there could be a couple reasons that would start. 1 ) carb slide not assembled right. 2) cam not in the correct position Sorry for the delayed response the connection between my email and website or severed for some time.

I have a 1996 Yamaha warrior 350 I need to replace the solenoid, Magneto, Coil, Regulator, CDI and WIRING HARNESS but the only kit I can find is this one its a COMPLETE ELECTRICS KIT Wire Loom Key Solenoid Magneto Coil Regulator CDI WIRING HARNESS 150cc 200CC 250cc Would this kit work on my bike? Thank you for your help and time.
Sorry man you may need to start over...that list is huge and the prices for all you need is in sum more than the quad is worth. If you go aftermarket you may be buying twice... I would consider taking much thought before you buy anything more.

Hey I have a kawasaki 1983 kz750 Ltd belt drive I was wondering if you work on bikes that old?
It depends on the job you need done. We aren't restoration experts...but some simple needs we can help with. Tires ,brakes, oil changes...

I have a question about an ignition that I bought on ebay. Its for my 2007 yamaha xt225 and does not work for me. The seller said if I get a certified mechanic to verify if it works or not then they can send me a new one or reimburse. Can someone take a look at it for me? Thanks Sonny
I don't have the wire schematic for that bike . Without it I may not be able to verify.

I have a '94 xr250r. A previous owner put a big bore 280 kit on it. It has a pretty bad oil leak which I am assuming is a gasket problem. I don't know exactly what kit is in it. I'm wondering if I would be able to find just the gaskets I need or I would need to do a whole top end. If I need a top end would you be able to do it and for how much? Thanks.
If the gaskets are available I'm sure it can be done. First step is ensuring that we know what size the bore is. Curious... I'm assuming that it is leaking from the head area , is that the case? The cost of labor here is $90 per hour and it could be easily 7 hours to build. $630 plus parts...could get pricey

Hey i wanted to ask you how much you would charge me to check my wiring. I have a 1997 Ninja zx-6r. The previous owner put speakers and an amp and he completly messed up the wiring to a point wher it wouldnt turn on. I got it to where everything is running except my headlights. Its slopy work but i did what i could.
Scary sounding... it being an older bike makes things more complicated. There may be quite a few issues with connections throughout the bike. But if I remember right the headlights get a trigger from the regulator rectifier to turn on. The trigger leads to the junction box. The junction box is the thing that holds all the fuses.

Hi R.Tillery. I have a 2014 white Ninja 300 (non abs). I recently had the battery changed in September after it didn't start up after a ride. The new battery is a Yuasa. It's been running fine since then, but this morning it had trouble starting up. Panel lit up, but when I pressed the starter button. Nothing happened. The lights stayed on but nothing from the engine. I checked that it was in neutral and that the killswitch was in the right position. Nothing. I plugged it into a Norco batter tender for about 1 minute and it said 100%. I unplugged the tender and tried it again. It fired up. Could it be an electrical issue since the bike and the battery are both new? I've ridden in consistently weekly. I just took it down to L.A. last weekend and it made it back the same day just fine.
My guess is that you may have an issue with the starter button itself or possibly a starter solenoid. If you can take a video and bring it by the shop I may know more...

Hey Scott I jus recently picked up a 2005 zx6r only 10k miles, it cranks just fine, it idles perfectly, and through 1st and 2nd gear it rides great but.... When I try to go through 3rd to 6th gear it acts as if it wants to cut off. Could it be the plugs, o2 sensor, or air filter?
Sounds likely that the fuel pump is having issues. As thew demand for fuel rises in the gears 3rd , 4th and so on the pressure or volume may be dropping and causing the issue.

I washed out on my 2008 ninja 250r a few weeks ago, afterward it was running weird. So i took the carbs off and found out the idle mixture screws were completely off from each other, everything else in the carbs looked good. Put everything back on the bike and when im warming up the engine to tune the idle mixture screws, the ignition coil on the left side of the bike (in the crash the bike slid on its left side) started to get real hot and melt itself. After it all cooled down i tried to start the bike and it did nothing at all. Any ideas what could be causing the ignition coil to get that hot?
I usually begin to look for wires that have been pinched in that case. nothing really comes to mind specifically but I'd say it is time for a new coil anyhow.

Hello, friend of mine referred me to you said you could help me out. I have a 05 R1. Last year I commuted my bike down from LA and it started raining. Next morning I went to go fire up my bike and nothing. Just a clicking sound under the seat cowl. I could push start it and will fire right up but I want to get this fixed now. Can you help me out? Thanx in advance
horrible starters on these bike and the only worse thing is the price. last time I did this it was a $600 job at least... the starter gets baked in place. It is very hard to access and water can build up on top of it to make things worse.

Do you have a CDI box for aye 1999-2000 gxsr 750
No. you may need to narrow your search , the 99 and 2000 are very different bikes. the 600 was the same look in those years but not the 750. 2000-2003 GSXR750 should be the same and 98-99 should be the same.

What could cause my speedometer to not work I just replace my speed sensor? could a crack or a missing chunk and my clutch cover cause this problem? my tach and I'm assuming my odometer works I'm not for sure
If the reluctor is damaged on the end of the transmission shaft this can happen. is it a GSXR?

Was told you could change out my swing arm on a Hayabusa. If so how much would this be? I have all the parts (chain, brake line, etc).
barring any unusual and unspecified things I'd say we can do the whole job for about 200 bucks.

Hi Scott, I was wondering if I could get a price on tires for my wife's CBR250r. Tire size is: F 110/70-17 R 140/70-17 It came stock with IWC tires, but I was thinking of Michelin Pilot Street Radials as replacements, though we're open to suggestions. Please let me know what you're able to get and we'll go from there. Thanks!! John Agee
I'll be at the shop today. Please call for a quote . Should be pretty quick.

I have a 2006 suzuki gsxr 600 with 23000 miles on it. Just recently it started accelerating slowly and will not go about 85 miles per hour.
Sounds like a valve adjustment / fuel pressure or volume / spark plugs / fuel injector/ etc ... the truth is we probably have to look at it to narrow it down the symptoms could be caused by many things. So bring it in sometime leave it with us and let us figure it out for you . Would love to help.

Hello i have 98 gsxr 750 fuel injected, the bike will hit the revlimiter sitting still but going down the road it will not tap out, stops pulling hard about 9k, kind of slugish out the hole good mid rang power then gets little sluggish top end through all the gears. Bike has right at 28000 miles on it, any ideas what might cause it not to tap out under a load but will just sitting still
The fuel pump! Though the pressure may be the ( about 38-42 psi) the flowmay be iinsufficient. That would be my first check. Please let me know what happens after you check. And the flow volume should be about 150-200 cc of fuel per cycle of the kill switch.( off the top of my head) Thanks.

I have a 2009 Kawasaki KLX250S and I want to know how much you charge to perform an oil change and a general inspection of the Bike? I just recently bought it and I want to make sure it's in really good conditions.
This is a street model , correct? An oil change may cost $50-$60 and we'd be happy to do a quick look over for free. We can do a more specific check over with the bike as needed for whatever fee applies to the service needs of the bike...need mileage and more info to give a good quote.

Looking for the price for the 2003 f4i on the timing chain an a valve job only has 20k on the bike but top end is starting to tick
Valve adjustments will cost about 300-380 depending on the bike. The usual suspect is a faulty timing chain tensioner on the F4i. at 20,000 miles Hondas are just breaking I don't expect a lot of issues.

I just bought a 94 suzuki katana and its in very good condition just that the fuel was left in there for at least five years and im sure by now it has turned to muck haha what would I do to get it running again cause it aint going nowhere like this you know .would I have to clean the carbs fuel lines and gas tank or what thanks and let me know it would be an amazing help
The horrible fact is Katanas have a hard time running great if you arent very careful to do the job right. I would get the complete rebuild kit or assemble the parts I needed from suzuki and rebuild with new Pilot jets at the least. The fuel lines should be checked for cracks and blown through but replace only as necessary . Drain the tank and check for rust , if there is rust you have to consider replacing the tank... or take the tank to get cleaned at a radiator shop or something like that. Thanks Todd.

I have a 03 Ninja 636, and the left fork seal is apparently leaking. How much do you charge to replace something like that?
About 240 bucks. sorry for the delay...

hows it goin bro i hve couple question i might need an oil change and rear break service like around how much it will cost me to get the service done thanks
Oil Change is about 72 bucks and we'd like to inspect the Brakes before giving a quote.

I want to re-route my exhust from the side of my bike to under the seat... Is it expensive?and where would be the best place to have it done?
Not easy on most bikes and can create issues as well. What kind of bike is it?

Hey Scott I just bought a CBR 1000RR I get a pulling feeling in slow traffic but not on the freeway. Not sure if the chain needs tightening or what it could be. I took my old F4i to you before kind of the same feeling. Thanks for any help or if you can help - Louie
It was good seeing you at the shop. Is the bike feeling a lot better?

Hi! I am looking at purchasing a motorcycle from a private seller in Bakersfield and I would like him to take the bike in for a detailed inspection by you for your opinion on its mechanical status. Since I am in San Diego, would you be able to email me results? How much would it cost for the inspection? What would you during the inspection to check its functionality? Thanks for your time and I hope to be seeing you soon!
We don't do a detailed tear down for people buying a bike because "shit happens". I do like to listen and give a quick overview and give a personal opinion for no charge at all.

Scott Im working on a project that has unfortunately come to a dead stop because I can not find any relays. Do you by chance have any of the 4-pin 12v 20a relays in shop? They are for an 04 CBR600RR... Cant find them anywhere bud. PLLLLEASE help me out! Thank you. Respectfully, JH
Yes . I have some here. come by with an example and I'll set you up.

Hey Scott! Don't know if you remember me. I used to be at your shop all the time years ago. Had the red CBR and was into the the all the HONDA cars. Anyways, I'm back in Bakersfield now. I was wondering how much you would charge me to install the throttle adjustment screw on my 05 CBR. (old one broke off) if you have one laying around let me know otherwise I can supply the part if needed. Give me a call or send me a text/email when you have a min. Thanks Scott! -Sam (951) 337-6625
Hey Sam . Welcome back. I can help. just bring the bike down and I'll get it squared away. It is kind of a pain to reach so I think I may charge about $85-$127.50 or 1-1.5 hours of labor to do it. Thanks

hi scott ive bought a gsxr750k7 the problem is a funny knock/tap coming from either tranny or c lutch side, it gets quiter when it gets warmer and if i use diffrent oils thicker softer thinner fully syn louder.... spoke to suzuki they say its a clutch knock/tap say its normal, some body else said its gotta do with the slipper clutch? bike rides awesome wheelies the works no complaints i no they tick thats common from the head
I'm pretty familiar with the bike and they do make a lot of noise I have extra clutch baskets at the shop that I could sell you fairly cheap if you're interested in that. I also think that sometimes timing chain tensioners fail and I would suggest you get you get a second opinion on what the noise may be .

HEllo. I have a 2001 gsxr 750. It has a very hard time strting and also once your out riding on it if you really get on the throttle it boggs horribly bad but when you slowly let off the throttle it starts to pick right up. Spark plugs are black and fouled everytimw i pull them to diagnose the problem. Seems as if it runing rich as well. Check the oil level last night and it was over the full mark so i drained and refilled with fresh oil. I aslo cleaned the plugs and reinstalled ran the bike and took plugs out and the plugs for the firsrt time were the same color as when i put them in. Am going to get new plugs again today to see if it fixes the hard starting issue and bioggin issue. What do you think? thank you!
I'm very curious to know how much overfilled the crankcase was. If it was considerably overfilled you can potentially have problems with gaskets and oil leaks forming. It sounds as if you have a sensor failing or a servo motor failing. had a serv had a servo motor th that operated the secondary throttle valve assembly via cables its those cables have failed for the motor has failed and the throttle body secondary valves you coul you could have the problems that you are describing. was at least see the if you hav if you have time

Hey Scott, I brought my Busa into you a couple of times, which I ended up feeding to the side of a diesel truck. I've since replaced it with a Ducati 1098. I kind of want to get into some track days but honestly my tracks skills are amateur at best, and I certainly don't wanna tear up my Ducati. I was considering buying a 250, prolly a Kawi, to learn on. I've read alot about it, but am curious what you think, is it better to just jump straight to a 600? I meant to ask you about your insurance as well last time I was in, but you were busy. If you ever wanna talk about your needs or are interested in a comprehensive review of your coverage let me know, I love working with business of whom I am a fan! Thanks man!
Sorry to hear about the Busa. Congratulations on the on the Ducati. You are spot on, an EX 250 is a really fun way to learn track but I wouldn't count out getting a 600. You may find that having owned a GSX1300r and a 1098 you'll miss the acceleration.

How u doing Scott? I have a ninja 636 and was wondering how much would u charge me to change my brakes? I also wanted to know how much your rear tires cost, and if u have some in stock? If so when can I bring the Ninja in?
Brakes will cost about 65-75 per caliper to change out brake pads. Rear tires are from 150- 250 installed for that bike.( Depends on the brand you choose) You may come at any time we are open to have this kind of work done. More than likely while you wait... (about 45 minutes to a hour and a half).

i was driving on the freeway and started hearing this knocking sound. then after a few minutes the bike dies, i managed to start it up real fast and go but the noise got louder and started losing power, then oil spilled all over my tire and the car behind me and it shuts off on me and i almost crashed because of the oil spill. now it wont start but the lights work and everything. whats wrong with it?
Sounds like the engine gave way in big fashion. I assume a Rod failure .A "Tear down" of the engine will be needed to estimate damage and find what gave first... WHAT KIND OF BIKE WAS IT?

Hey Scott, I recently purchased 2007 GSXR 600 (First Bike) and I need to get my brake fluid changed and i was also wondering if while I'm getting that done if I could have a full inspection done on the bike to make sure everything is in proper working order and how much that is going to cost me? I'll hopefully be by tomorrow at some point but i dont know for sure yet
We usually charge about 45.00 to change out brake fluid on the sportbikes. ($15.00 per Caliper) I don't do a "Full Inspection" Because "Liability" gets funny when I try to tell people that motorcycles are safe...they are not...ever!

Scott, I have a '08 CBR600RR and it normally runs around 170-175 at highway speeds and will heat up to 210-220 moving slow or standing still. Are these normal temps for these conditions? Also, what would the cost be to buy a K&N Air Filter and have you install it? Do you stock flush mount turn signals for this bike as well? And if so, what would the price be to have you install the turn signals? Thanks for the help.
The Temp is normal range for your bike. The Air filter would be $68.00 plus 45 to install. The flush mounts would be about 40 bucks plus 40ish to install... Thanks Brian !

I was wondering if you have the "Hotbodies Megaphone" exhaust for a 2012 Ninja ZX6R? If so,how much would that cost with and without installation. Thank you.
$180.00 Plus tax .Thanks Carlos

I ride a 1998 600gsx-r w/ 30k. Lately it has been bogging down and stopping in the middle of my rides, especially on the highway. Immediately I'll feel a loss of power in my throttle, the engine/exhaust changes sound to a really muffled sound. Then the engine just shuts down and I have to pull over and won't respond to any throttle or choke. The blinkers and lights all still work so I don't think it's the battery. I'll pull over, turn on the choke, and crank it for a good 30 seconds until it starts back up, but still making the muffled sound with less than half the power. I have plenty of oil, so I'm not sure if it's related to the fuel system or electric. It usually does fine within the city, but when I'm on the highway crusing at about 7k rpm it starts to shut off on me. Yesterday it would bog down in bursts and even backfired as I was rolling to a stop while still in gear. If I pull the clutch in while it's bogging the engine just completely dies. How much do you think it'll cost to get this diagnosed, and/or fixed? I work on my truck quite a bit, but I'm pretty inexperienced with solving engine troubles on motorcycles.
No Worries. It seems like a fueling issue but we'd have to spend some time looking at it to be sure. Diagnostics start at 75.00 and may go up from there if more time is needed. We may also carry-over the time spent diagnosing as time spent for repair to keep the costs lower. Thanks

I have a 2008 KFX 90 atv. Changed the spark plug, but bike won't start. I think it could be the carb. Jets might be dirty from being store for 3 months in the garage.
For sure. I would clean the carb and pay close attention to the Smaller (SLow Jet) it's usually the culprit

I've got an 04 honda crf250 and its been knocking like crazy so I parked it for 2 years and my buddy told me it just needs the valves reshimmed. Is that something you do there? If so, what's the price range?
We can help . Cost would be about 90 to 150 if it needs adjustment...

Hey Man Its the Kid With The 1987 VFR 700. I Was Wondering If Any of Those Bikes You Have In The Shop are for Sale?
Not really . I don't sell any bikes.Sorry

Hey Scott, i have a 07 gsxr 750 we about 33000 miles on it....all the recommended service was done..but i am having the cold start issue that all over the net....can you help me out
If you're talking about the abrubt throttle while trying to maintain steady speed , I can try but there is a definently gremlins in there that may want to stay forever. There is talk about changing the T.P. sensor to trick the bike into thinking that it isn't hitting 0% throttle.. It has been sucessfull before for me with a 50% rate

Hey, Scott. Went and bought a 1999 Yamaha YZF R6. Idles fine, starts right up, pulls really well, has tons of power. Only problem, is that is I am at a stand still for too long, it over heats, and the reserve tank for the radiator pops it's cap, and even the radiator cap popped off! What could be causing that? It stays at a cool temp while riding, but the moment I stop, it heats up quickly. Any ideas?
I am thinking it must have had a fall on the right side before. It's very uncommon to hear of a cap popping off.It might have a fualty fanor it may be missing? I'd love to help but don't want to concern you with some of the guesses I have for this symptom... Call for a time to drop it of for further checking...Thanks

Hi Scott. I'm still fairly new to the motorcyle world so I was hoping you could direct me. I have a '02 Honda CBR954RR that I havent riden in about a year. I was going to go out for a ride but I noticed my brakes have very little pressure compared to the last time I rode it. Is this due to a leak or just inactivity of the bike? I was also wondering how much would it cost to inspect the bike to see if there is any other mechanical issues that may need to be fixed. Thanks for your time.
Maybe inactivity. I have seen that occur often. I would bleed them well then check operation. Bring it down for an inspection anytime. the cost will start if we need to do work . thanks

Beginner motorcyclist: Bought a Hyosung 250gt R. running grat after i stripped it all down and replaced every filter and cleaned it all up. One problem the speedometer doesn't work. Any suggetions?
The drive is at the front wheel and It should have a cable that runs from there to the speedo....make sure it is plugged in on both ends and ensure the drive at the wheel isn't broken...

Hey Scott, I got a 2005 CBR1000RR, I don't know if I'm having a problem, the engine is getting hot, very hot, 225 degrees. What you think is happen? I change the oil few weeks ago, but the level is right, have water on tank, I don't know if you can help me. Thank you.
If it is getting to 225' in stop and go traffic I wouldnt be concerned , if it is doing it while on the freeway you might have problems...

2006 Yamaha R1 is leaking oil from under the clutch cover Not much, just a few drops on the ground after I park it. Do you have time to take a look at it sometime this week?
sure...bring it by.

How much is the labor for installation of valves and springs for front forks of a 03 cbr 600rr?
We have Racetech gold valves and springs available and depending on how serious you are about getting the right setup for your bike and riding needs you could spend as low as $500 for the basic valve and correct springs and around $1700 for complete internals for your forks...the rear shock could cost $500 to re-valve or we can get Ohlins shocks installed for around $1400 . Thanks

where do you get those rubber tank knee grips and can i order them from you guys i own a k5 750 gsxr and im also looking for the center grip like that too please help been looking all over for them thanks
Walmart has an option that seems to work for some people... It's in the Trailer accesory section near the auto stuff and cost about 15 bucks. Otherwise you can order stuff from me that comes tailor fit to suit the bike for 40-60 bucks.

Hey Scott, I need you help. I got a belly pan for my bike and I need help to paint the thing, I have in mind a kind od design, nothing sofisticated, I know it's easy but I'm so PINCHE bad for that!!! Doy you know who can help me with this? Hope so. Thanks buddy.
I use a painter in town that gets things in and out quickly . I could get you in contact with him and set something up , just call...sorry for the late response.

Scott, I have a 1989 gsxr that I am needing to replace the sub-frame on. I'm going with a 2007 replacement and in need of someone to fab/weld this for me. Anyone in the Bakersfield you would suggest?
Yes ! We use a couple different guys. Both are quite amazing at what they do. Mark Linenburger and Sean McDougle are their names but I'm afraid to hand out the phone numbers online . Please feel free to call or come in and I'll get you in contact with one of the guys. Thanks.

how much would it cost to get new tires for my bike? installation? ill bring my bike and take them off there how much would it be if they are off the bike? or on the bike?
Tire prices vary from bike to bike. We generaly charge $40.00 each if you bring the bike and $20.00 if you bring the wheel. There are discounts if you buy the tires here. $25 bike ...$10 wheel

Oil level may be too high. Please check level in the upright position . If checked while on the side stand you can be as much as 2 quarts overfilled.

My bikes F1 light is on, not sure what that is im a fairly new rider. and also my oil light is on but engine has plenty oil... any thoughts what might be wrong?
Hi Kyle.The oil light may come on when the fi light is on to get your attention. Bring it down so we can pull the codes and get more info. thanks.

Hey Scott, This is Pete Curtis. There is a lot of good video of you from the last Streets of Willow races incase you want to check out your form. I see you were leaning off the bike better than me in these, so I will have to work on that. Video 1 of 3: Video 2 of 3: Video 3 of 3:
Thanks Agian Pete . That's some great footage

Scott, Site is looking good. Would you price me for the following items from Icon please? SUB STEALTH Gloves: Black REGULATOR Stripped Vest: Black SQUAD II BACKPACK w/ Arms: Black I don't know what size I need for the Vest. I'm either a L or XL, so if you have one of those vests in stock ever, give me a call so I can try it on. Hope you're doing well. 661.599.0141, Ron
I can get you 10-15% of all icon products but can't advertise it ( due to contracts ) If you look up you can get pricing or just click on the parts unlimited tab on our home page and there should be a link to icons website . I'll have to order the faceshield for you.come by and I'll place the order for you. we're likely to have it in a days time.

how to change radiator hose on 2003 cbr 600 f4i
Glad we could fix your bike . How is everything working out?

Hi Scott, I was told that you were good with more than crotch rockets. I have an 01 Independence built Custom. It has a 100" RevTech. Would you be able/willing to do some work on it. I'm not a bike mechanic, but I buy and sell things all the time. This bike might be one that I'll keep. Please let me know. Thanks, Gary
Sorry . I don't know much about harley's or clone harley's . Wish I could help , but I'm not your guy.

I got my front suspension sorted, raised the rear about 6mm and went 1/2 turn harder on the dampening, did the trick! So I'm ready for those Dunlop Q2's you suggested! Before I came in I wanted to double check you have my tire sizes in stock. I want new front and rear: 180/55 ZR17, 120/70 ZR17 Thanks! Alex, Red Ducati 848
Yep. No problem. got them.

Scott! Dude! I'm looking for a set of Bridgestone BT003 r/s, with a 190 rear. How much please? And, how soon could I have them mounted?
I have them in stock now. They are 377.40 out the door installed on the bike. This is for the suggested 190/55-17 not the 190/50-17... thanks bro.

Hi Scott, We love your web site. My question is, if we are considering buying a used motorcycle from a private party, could we bring it to your shop and have you check it out? Would we need an appointment? And how much would it cost for you to tell us if it's worth the money or not? Thanks ,
I'll usualy take a quick look for free but in some cases I'll need to take a closer look. I would assume that a quick once over and a test ride will tell me a lot about the machine and I don't care to charge for that...any further examination will cost $75 per hour...thanks

Hey Scott, Can you get the Akuma Phantom II helmet with chameleon visor for a good price?
How about 420.oo plus tax ? In stock too.....I have large and medium available. that is the sickest helmet ever ! Have you held one's only 3 pounds ! Wow...

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